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Friday, August 20th
12:00 AM

Cold-formed Folded Plate Structures

Wilbur C. Schoeller
Richard H. J. Pian
Harry R. Lundgren

12:00 AM

Orthotropic Folded Plate Structures by Extended Finite Strip Method

Ghulam Husain Siddiqi
C. V. Girija Vallabhan

12:00 AM

Design of Cold-formed Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shells

Peter Gergely

12:00 AM

World's Largest Light-gage Steel Primary Structure

Lev Zetlin
Charles H. J. Thornton
Richard L. Tomasetti

12:00 AM

Crictical Shear Loading of Curved Panels of Corrugated Sheets with Restrained Edges

George Abdel-Sayed

12:00 AM