Chairman: D. S. Wolford

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Friday, August 20th
12:00 AM

Nonlinear Buckling of Thin-Walled Components

T. Y. Yang

12:00 AM

A Review of the Effective Width Formula

N. C. Lind
M. K. Ravindra
J. Power

12:00 AM

Inelastic Buckling of Thin-Walled Members

S. Rajasekaran
D. W. Murray

12:00 AM

Compressive Buckling of Perforated Plate Elements

W. P. Vann

12:00 AM

Buckling Behavior and Post-Buckling Strength of Perforated Stiffened Compression Elements

Wei-Wen Yu, Missouri University of Science and Technology
C. S. Davis

12:00 AM