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Thursday, October 26th
12:00 AM

Compression Behavior of Thin Gusset Plates

Roger A. LaBoube, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Daniel George Lutz

12:00 AM

Design Criteria for Seam and Sheeting-to-framing Connections of Cold-formed Steel Shear Panels

Lodovic A. Fulop
Daniel Dubina

12:00 AM

Local Connection Failures in Composite Sandwich Panel Systems

Andrew Smith
Bret Kershaw
Mahen Mahendran
Somadasa Wanniarachchci

12:00 AM

Performance of Ridge and Eaves Joints in Cold-formed Steel Portal Frames

Dan Dubbina
Aurel Stratan
Adrian Ciutina
Zsolt Nagy

12:00 AM

Self-drilling Screwed Knee-joints for Cold-formed Steel Portal Frames in Cyclonic Regions

John Carr
Andrew Mansour
Julie Mills

12:00 AM

Structural Behaviour of High Strength Cold-formed Steel Z Purlins with Overlaps

K. F. Chung
H. C. Ho

12:00 AM

The Structural Behavior of Connections of Cold-formed Steel Portal Frames

Young Bong Kwon
Hyun Suk Chung
Gap Deuk Kim

12:00 AM