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Thursday, October 26th
12:00 AM

A New Ultra Long-spanning, Combined Steel Formwork and Reinforcement Hybrid Decking System Using Cold-formed Components

Mathias Glasle
Mark Patrick
Ross Grey

12:00 AM

Cold-formed Steel Frame Shear Wall Applications with Structural Adhesives

Geynaud Serrette
Ioi Lam
Henry Qi
Hugo Hernandez

12:00 AM

Computer Modeling of Sloped Z-purlin Supported Roof Systems to Predict Lateral Restraint Force Requirements

Michael W. Seek
Thomas M. Murray

12:00 AM

Effects of Hail Damage on the Carrying Capacity of Standing Seam Profiles

A. Hubner
H. Saal

12:00 AM

Influence of Profile Distortion on the Shear Flexibility of Profiled Steel Sheeting Diaphragms

M. Duerr
H. Saal

12:00 AM

Roof Diaphragm Strength and Stiffness

Onur Avci
John Mattingly
Larry D. Luttrell
Samuel W. Easterling

12:00 AM

Seismic Performance of Sheathed Cold-formed Shear Walls

Raffaele Landolfo
Luigi Fiorino
Gaetano Della Corte

12:00 AM