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Thursday, October 17th
12:00 AM

Adaptive Nonlinear Finite Element Analyses of High Strength Steel Cladding Systems

M. Duan
Mahen Mahendran

12:00 AM

Application of a Finite Element Model to a Cold-formed Steel C-section with a Bearing Stiffener

G. W. Brodland
S. R. Fox

12:00 AM

Interim Design Rules for Flexure in Cold-formed Steel Webs

Benjamin W. Schafer
T. W. J. Trestain

12:00 AM

Local Buckling Tests on Cold-formed Steel Beams

Cheng Yu
Benjamin W. Schafer

12:00 AM

Optimum Design of Cold-formed Steel Z-shape Purlins Using a Genetic Algorithm

Wei Lu
Pentti Makelainen
Jyrki Kesti

12:00 AM

Study of Innovative Built-up Cold-formed Beams

Gianmaria di Lorenzo
Raffaele Landolfo

12:00 AM

Ultimate Failure Behaviour of Second-generation Sheeting Subjected to Combined Bending Moment and Concentrated Load

M. Kaspers
H. H. Snijder
Monique Bakker
H. Hofmeyer

12:00 AM