October 19-20, 2000 (St. Louis, Missouri)

Presented by: Department of Civil Engineering Center for Cold-formed Steel Structures University of Missouri - Rolla

Sponsored by: American Iron and Steel Institute Metal Building Manufacturers Association Metal Construction Association Rack Manufacturers Institute Steel Deck Institute Steel Stud Manufacturers Association University of Missouri - Rolla

In Cooperation with: ASCE Committee on Cold-Formed Members Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute, Canada SSRC Task Group on Thin-Walled Metal Construction University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering of the University of Sydney, Australia e

Edited by: Wei-Wen Yu and Roger A. LaBoube

Conference Directors: Wei-Wen Yu, director Robert A. LaBoube, associate director, Center for Cold-formed Steel Structures, University of Missouri-Rolla

Planning Committee: R.L. Brockenbrough - R.L. Brockenbrough & Associates, Inc. H.H. Chen - Representative of the American Iron and Steel Institute W.S. Easterling - Representative of the SSRC Task Group on Thin-Walled metal Construction D.S. Ellifritt - University of Florida S.J. Errera - Consultant S.R. Fox - Representative of CSSBI, Canada G.J. Hancock - Representative of the University of Sydney, Australia R.B. Haws - American Buildings Company D.L. Johnson - Consultant R.A. LaBoube - UMR; Director J.A. Mattingly - Nicholas J. Bouras, Inc.; Representative of MCA W.R. Midgley - Representative of RMI T. Peköz - Cornell University N. Peterson - Representative of SSMA J. Rhodes - Representative of the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK W.P. Schonberg - Representative of the UMR Civil Engineering Department P.A. Seaburg - Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville W.L. Shoemaker - Representative of MBMA B.J. Unal - Representative of the UMR Continuing Education W.W. Yu - UMR; Co-Director, Representative of the Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures

Browse the contents of (2000) - 15th International Specialty Conference on Cold-Formed Steel Structures:

Session 01: Element Behavior
Session 02: Web Crippling of Beams
Session 03: Flexural Members
Session 04: Compression Members
Session 05: Composite Construction
Session 06: Rack Structures
Session 07: Residential Construction
Session 08: Building Systems
Session 09: Materials and other Topics
Session 10: Connections
Session 11: Stainless Steel Structures