The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: An Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion


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09 Mar 2022, 4:00 pm CST


A panel discussion comprised of various experts discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine online via Zoom. The webinar’s experts presented on the historical, political, military and economic contexts of the invasion, discussed potential implications, and answered questions related to the current situation.

The panel of experts includes the following Missouri S&T faculty: Dr. Andrew Behrendt, an assistant teaching professor of history and political science and an expert in the history of eastern Europe; Dr. Michael Davis, economist and interim chair and associate professor of economics; Dr. Alanna Krolikowski, an assistant professor of history and political science and an expert in U.S. foreign relations; and Dr. John McManus, military historian and a Curators’ Distinguished Professor of history and political science.

The panel was moderated by Dr. Shannon Fogg, Professor of History and Political Science and the Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business (CASB).


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