It is rare enough to encounter as dedicated a chronicler of one’s own life as geographer Ferenc Fodor (1887 - 1962); it is even more rare to find one who chronicles one's life in four different ways. Fodor Ferenc önéletirásai ['The Autobiographical Writings of Ferenc Fodor'] presents the autobiographical manuscripts of the prolific and influential interwar geographer in a single volume, bringing to light documents that until now only a very few specialists have had the benefit of reading. Transcribed, edited, and presented with an Introduction in both Hungarian and English by two experts in Fodor and his field, Róbert Győri and Steven Jobbitt, these texts impart an intimate perspective on over six decades of East - Central European history. Seen as a whole, they also prove to be a useful accompaniment to Fodor’s extensive professional body of work, which spanned not only the last years of the Habsburg Monarchy and the early years of the People’s Republic of Hungary, but multiple academic disciplines as well. Whereas Fodor's diaries and memoirs reveal the effects of national and world events on an individual life, his narratives of his personal life likewise showcase the entanglement of biography, scholarship and nationalism in an unexpectedly engaging fashion. (8) (PDF) Fodor, Ferenc. 2016. Fodor Ferenc önéletirásai ('The Autobiographical Writings of Ferenc Fodor'). Ed. Róbert Győri and Steven Jobbitt. Budapest: ELTE Eötvös József Collegium. 350 pp. Illus.


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