U.S. Military History for Dummies


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Table of Contents

1. Why this stuff is so important
2. Why America Goes to War and Who We Fight
3. Meeting the Players
4. Lining Up the Armed Services
5. the Challenging Experience of Warfare
6. when the English Were Our Friends: Battling the French and Indians
7. So You Want to Start a Revolution: the War for Independence
8. War and Peace: Battling Indians, Old Friends, Tax Delinquents, and Pirates
9. We Have Met the Enemy: the War of 1812
10. to the Halls of Montezuma: Fighting Mexico
11. the Civil War
12. the "Indian Wars": the Army Secures the Frontier
13. "Remember the Maine!" Fighting Spain and the Filipinos
14. Going over There: the First World War
15. the Looming Crisis: World War II Before American Involvement
16. the Greatest War: World War II
17. Toying with Nuclear Armageddon: the Cold War Years
18. Hot War in Asia: the Korean War
19. the Very Long War: Vietnam
20. a War with Allies: the Persian Gulf War
21. the Long War Ahead: Terrorism, Afghanistan, and Iraq
22. the Ten Best Generals in U.S. Military History
23. the Ten Worst Generals in U.S. Military History
24. the Ten Best Movies on U.S. Military History


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01 Jan 2007