La Nouvelle Réformation De Lausanne: The Proposal by the Ministers of Lausanne on Ecclesiastical Discipline


The text presented here was composed in June 1558 by the ministers of the classe of Lausanne. It was the centerpiece in their struggle with the Bernese over excommunication and ecclesiastical discipline. The following year, the conflict ultimately resulted in the banishment of Pierre Viret and nearly all of his colleagues from Lausanne. Louis Vulliemin published short excerpts from this text in his edition of Abraham Ruchat's Histoire de la Réformation de la Suisse but misdated it and omitted nearly everything concerning excommunication. It is published here in full for the first time. In addition to excommunication, the text addresses the need for a synod, the relationship between secular and ecclesiastical jurisdictions, the election and duties of ministers and deacons, and the role of the consistory. Calvin's influence can be seen clearly in this text, which seemed so radical to the Bernese that they accused the Lausanne ministers of trying to craft “a new Reformation” in their lands.


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