The Civilization Approach to Analytical Orthodoxy: Solution for or Conveyer of Political Decay to Africa's Post-Colonial Struggles in the 21st Century?


The purpose of this article is to provide an analytical application of political science methodology to the prospects of African Civilization^ renaissance. The conclusion of this analysis posits that the prospects of an African renaissance and reconstruction of African values are pessimistic in view of the historical legacies emanating from foreign conquests and the uncivil practices of current African dictators. The findings testify of African anti-intellectual regimes that behave in ways not different from past Islamic totalitarianism and colonial authoritarianism. The alternative for the regeneration and recovering of African civilization rests in the indigenous cultural attributes of Africa that have flourished from the uplifting qualities of ancient African Civilization itself. The practical and social implications of the study tell of African hopelessness. Ancient African civilizations, graced with the most exquisite kingdoms and empires, were rendered extinct as Islam spread its writs over the crown of Africa in northern and northwestern Africa.


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01 Jan 2015