Making the Case for Ethiopian Civilization


The purpose of this investigation is to look at Ethiopian Civilization in its classical, postcolonial, and modernized features. In its classical attributes, Ethiopian Civilization shines brightly with the rich content of its civilization prominently indicated by Ethiopia^ historical, cultural, artistic, and literary products. The methodology is a theoretical approach that integrates the dynamic trajectories of the history, sociology, and political science disciplines as they address the evolution of societies. Among the findings is the reality that the decaying tendency of change and modernization has affected Ethiopian Civilization negatively. These factors decoupled Ethiopia's geographical, historical, and social elements and cast aside the uniting elements of Ethiopia' s stellar civilization./The practical implication is that reality has become secularized in the name of modernization and democratization. The socio-political implication is the tendency of Ethiopia^ political culture to tune out and display ambivalent attitudes about Ethiopian Civilization. The originality of this research is that it clarifies a path to the revival of Ethiopian Civilization. It also points to the intermediating capacities of Ethiopian Civilization with respect to the resolution of regional, political and social contradictions.


History and Political Science

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01 Jan 2015