Language and Education in African Civilization in the 21st Century


The purpose of this investigation is to define the place of African languages and African education in light of African Civilization, the onset of colonialism, and the postcolonial travails that Africa has experienced under African self-rule and sovereignty. The methodology is based on theoretical specifications of language as a tool for the articulation of African Civilization at four stages of civilizational evolution: the native primary stage, the communitarian interactive stage, the plebian dynamic stage and the instructional generative stage. Among the findings are empirical results from secondary sources with institutional credibility. The practical implications of this chapter are that there is an urgent need to preserve a democratic state in all of African societies. The social implication of the study focuses on the African child as an inheritor of African Civilization with a mandate to uphold and extol African Civilization, graced in African languages and African sciences. Originality: This investigation, by providing perspectives of political hierarchy, challenges African political leadership. Those with the mandate to govern are brought to task and called upon to also be civil-minded with a selfless vision for the welfare of their societies.


History and Political Science

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01 Jan 2015