A Study of Distribution and Change of Regional Tectonic-Fluid in Goldfields of Jiaodong Peninsula

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Tectono - Fluid Metallogenic Characteristics of Faulted Altered Belt In Jiaodong Region


Jiaodong is the biggest gold mineralization concentration area in China. The mineralization has direct relationship with Mesozoic granite. Most of deposits exist in regional shear zone where has the broken altered rock zone, which is the result of magmatic hydrothermal metasomatism. The main research problem of structure-fluid is how to guarantee the chosen rock sample can be used to do chemical fluid composition analysis and also used to observe tectonic deformation. We suggested that the potash feldspathized altered rock and the quartz-sericitized altered rock can be chosen as the research samples to solve this problem. This research method overcame the research difficulty in the regional structure-fluid area. The research result showed that the strain value decreases in potash feldspathized altered rock zone but increases in quartz-sericitized altered rock zone from west to east in the Jiaodong area; that the fluid homogenization temperatures increase in potash feldspathized altered rock zone but decrease in quartz-sericitized altered rock zone from west to east in the Jiaodong area. The chemical fluid composition has an obvious variation tendency. The Na+/K+ variation tendency in quartz-sericitized altered rock zone shows that the west of Jiaodong has more K+ than east and K+ is beneficial for mineralization; that the east of Jiaodong has more Na+ than west and Na+ is beneficial for fluid migration. The contents of CH4 and CO2 decrease from west to east, which is positively correlated with the enrichment of Au element. The characteristics of structure-fluid in fractured altered rock zone revealed the trend that the metallogenic hydrothermal fluid migrated from west to east in the Jiaodong region. This trend had its impact on the gold deposit scale, type and distribution.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Fluid Geochemical Compositions; Fracture Altered Rock Zone; Gold Deposits In Jiaodong; Structure Physical And Chemical Conditions; Chemical Analysis; Deposits; Gold; Mineralogy; Potash; Quartz; Rocks; Sodium; Tectonics; Altered Rock; Chemical Conditions; Geochemical Composition; Gold Mineralization; Homogenization Temperatures; Tectonic Deformations; Variation Tendencies

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01 Jul 2015


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