Synthesis of Viscoelastic Microspheres and Rheological Property of its Disperse System


A kind of viscoelastic microspheres with high roundness was synthesized by employing the inverse suspension polymerization, using kerosene as bulk phase, aqueous solution as internal phase,acrylamide(AM) as monomer, N,N-methylene bis acrylamide(MBAA) as crosslinker, ammonium persulfate(APS) as initiator, and Span-60 as dispersant. The structure and appearance of the viscoelastic microspheres were characterized with opticle microscope(OM) and FT-IR. The rheological property and the influence factors of viscoelastic microsphere disperse system were studied by MCR301 rheometer. The results show that the average particle size of synthetic viscoelastic microsphere is 100.6 μm. The viscoelastic microsphere disperse system shows reversible shear-thinning and shear-thickening behavior, and the critical shear rate exists. With the lower microsphere concentration, higher temperature and higher salinity of viscoelastic microsphere disperse system is got, the complex viscosity is lower and the critical angular frequency is higher.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Complex Viscosity; Disperse System; Rheological Property; Shear-Thickening; Viscoelastic Microsphere; Acrylic Monomers; Amides; Ammonium Persulfate; Particle Size; Rheology; Shear Thinning; Suspensions (Fluids); Viscoelasticity; Average Particle Size; Disperse Systems; Inverse Suspension Polymerization; Methylene Bisacrylamide; Rheological Property; Shear-Thickening Behavior

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01 Mar 2015

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