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Technologies et perspectives pour l'amélioration du profil de balayage dans les champs pétroliers matures produits par injection d'eau en Chine


China is the largest user of chemical-based conformance control treatments and a series of technologies have been successfully developed and deployed in recent years. This paper first shows the milestones of development and application of conformance control technologies in China. Then integrated conformance control technologies are reviewed followed by the lessons we have learned, and then a few major specific conformance control technologies are addressed, including tracer injection and channels explanation, potentiometric testing to identify areal sweep efficiency, Pressure Index (PI) decisionmaking technology to select well candidate, complementary decision-making technology to select well candidate and design application parameters, and major chemicals for in-depth fluid diversion technologies. In addition, this paper also describes the principles and applications of some promising technologies of combined chemical-based conformance treatment with other EOR/IOR process, including the combination technology of surfactant and water shutoff, profile control and mini-scale surfactant flooding, acid treatment and profile control treatment. Finally, this paper summarizes the problems and challenges faced by mature water flooded oilfields in China. Based on recent well tests, tracer testing and interpretation, and previous water control treatment experience, it appears that channels or high permeability streaks are common in mature water flooded oilfields. Some research directions and promising technologies are suggested.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Acid Treatments; Areal Sweep Efficiency; Combination Technology; Conformance Control; Design Applications; Fluid Diversion; High Permeability; Making Technology; Potentiometric; Pressure Index; Problems And Challenges; Profile Control; Research Directions; Surfactant Flooding; Tracer Injections; Water Control; Water Shut Off; Well Test

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01 Nov 2010

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