The deltaic sandstones of the basal Kiskatinaw Formation (Stoddard Group, upper Mississippian) were preferentially deposited within structural lows in a regime characterized by faulting and structural subsidence. In the Fort St. John Graben area, northwest Alberta, Canada, these sandstone facies can form reservoirs where they are laterally sealed against the flanks of upthrown fault blocks. Exploration for basal Kiskatinaw reservoirs generally entails the acquisition and interpretation of surface seismic data prior to drilling. These data are used to map the grabens in which these sandstones were deposited, and the horst blocks which act as lateral seals. Subsequent to drilling, vertical seismic profile (VSP) surveys can be run. These data supplement the surface seismic and well log control in that: 1) VSP data can be directly correlated to surface seismic data. As a result, the surface seismic control can be accurately tied to the subsurface geology; 2) Multiples, identified on VSP data, can be deconvolved out of the surface seismic data; and 3) The subsurface, in the vicinity of the borehole, is more clearly resolved on the VSP data than on surface seismic control. On the Fort St. John Graben data set incorporated into this paper, faults which are not well resolved on the surface seismic data, are better delineated on VSP data. The interpretive processing of these data illustrate the use of the seismic profiling technique in the search for hydrocarbons in structurally complex areas.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Boring; Data Handling; Faulting; Sandstone; Seismic Response; Seismic Waves; Seismology; Well Logging; Boreholes; Data Processing; Hydrocarbons; Natural Resources Exploration; Rock Mechanics; Alberta , Canada; Fault Blocks; Mississippians

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Alberta, Canada

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01 Nov 1993

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