ORE. ID, a Microcomputer Program for the Rapid Identification of Opaque Minerals in Ores and Beneficiation Products


ORE. ID, a microcomputer program, rapidly searches a database of the principal properties for 573 ore minerals. Searches may be performed on any or all of the following properties: mean Vickers hardness, Talmage hardness, mean reflectance, strength of anisotropism, and colors and tints of the mineral and its internal reflections. Data from the International Mineralogical Association-Commission on Ore Microscopy data card file have been used when available. The program displays the number and type of data matches for each mineral found, displays their chemical components, and allows the range to be narrowed or widened for each of the identification properties for repeated searches, if desired. ORE. ID is much more rapid, allows for the use of more identification properties, and involves more ore minerals than any previous identification system.

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Paul F. Kerr Memorial Symposium (1985: Feb. 28, New York, NY)


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Mineralogy - Analytical Methods; Ore Treatment - Beneficiation; Ore Identification System; ORE. ID Microcomputer Program; Ore Analysis

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Feb 1985

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