Terrane Rotation During the East African Orogeny: Evidence from the Bulbul Shear Zone, South Ethiopia


The 100 km long, N-trending, Neoproterozoic-Early Paleozoic Bulbul Shear Zone in southern Ethiopia is marked by sheared ophiolites at the interface between the Arabian-Nubian Shield in the north and the Mozambique Belt in the south. This shear zone separates the low-grade meta-volcanic and meta-sedimentary rocks of the Bulbul Terrane in the east from the medium- to high-grade gneissic, migmatites and granulites of the Alghe Terrane in the west. Stretching lineations along the Bulbul Shear Zone vary from NE-plunging in the northern part, shallowly N- and S-plunging in the central part, to SE-plunging in the south. These lineations are developed along N-trending mylonitic foliation that is moderately to steeply E-dipping. The northern part of the Bulbul Shear Zone is dominated by SW-verging fold and thrust belt indicating top-to-the southwest tectonic transport. The central part is characterized by dextral strike-slip displacement. The southern part is dominated by E-dipping oblique normal-slip planes associated with top-to-the southeast tectonic transport. Down dip stretching lineations along E-dipping slip planes are well-developed in the eastern part of the Alghe terrane and the western part of the Bulbul terrane. We interpret the along-strike variation of stretching lineations and kinematic indicators as due to NE-SW directed oblique collision between the Bulbul Terrane and the Alghe Terrane accompanied by anti-clockwise rotation of the Bulbul Terrane. Such collision and rotation are manifested by SW-verging fold and thrust belt in the north, N-trending dextral strike-slip shear zone in the center, and SE-directed normal-slip displacement in the south. This tectonic event might have occurred between 820 and 580 Ma. This was followed by E-ward slipping of the Bulbul Terrane relative to the Alghe Terrane, probably between 580 and 500 Ma.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Bulbul Shear Zone; East African Orogen; Precambrian; Southern Ethiopia; Terrane Rotation

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01 Oct 2008