Mechanical behavior of the soil around a jacked pile changes significantly during pile installation and subsequent consolidation. Hence, an axially loaded jacked pile exhibits apparent time-dependent bearing performance after pile installation. This paper presents a semi-analytical approach to predict the time-dependent bearing performance of an axially loaded jacked pile in saturated clay strata. The effects of pile installation and subsequent consolidation on the changes in mechanical properties of the surrounding soil are modeled by the cavity expansion theory and the radial consolidation theory, respectively. An exponential function-based load-transfer (t-z) curve is employed to describe the nonlinear behavior of the pile-soil interface during pile loading. The evolutions of the three-dimensional strength and shear modulus of the surrounding soil are subsequently incorporated into the two model parameters of the proposed t-z curve to capture the time-dependent pile-soil interaction behavior. The time-dependent elastic response of the soil outside the pile-soil interface is also considered in the proposed approach. With the proposed load-transfer curve, an incremental algorithm and a corresponding computational code are developed for assessing the time-dependent load-settlement response of a jacked pile. To verify the proposed semi-analytical approach, predictions of the time-dependent load-settlement curves are compared with the measured values from pile tests at two sites. The good agreement shows that the time-dependent bearing performance can be reasonably predicted by the proposed approach.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering


National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant 41272288

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Bearing performance; Jacked pile; Load transfer; Nonlinear; Pile-soil interaction; Time-dependent

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1208-6010; 0008-3674

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01 Jan 2017