The minerals industries have long recognized the tangible and intangible returns from continuing education programs for their technical scientific and administrative personnel. These programs originate from the mutual desires of the employer to upgrade the professional competence of the employee and the employee's concurrent desires to keep abreast of new developments to review the state of the art of specialized subjects and to better qualify himself to compete in an every changing technology. In-house training and continuing education programs to provide such review and education for the employee are becoming a recognized function of companies comprising this industry. These company-sponsored seminars workshops and training sessions are augmented by the permitted attendance of employees at commercially and university-presented workshops again under the recognition of the derived benefits accruing to employee and employer and a higher level of performance resulting. An examination of the merits and pitfalls of the awarding of university credits to the participating of competently presented in-company training sessions by that company 's personal, in that company's facility. For the company's employees is presented. The case for such university credit to the participants of these sessions is discussed as well as the means of overcoming the difficulties such a concept poses to a university in establishing the criterion for credit value of such offerings.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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01 Jan 1970