The objective of this study is to accurately measure the wettability contact angle of a cretaceous carbonate reservoir in a vertical well set-up known for as an unconventional tight carbonate oil reservoir. Also, to investigate the relative heterogeneity of these samples using digitally captured images; these images accurately capture natural pore-system in this carbonate rock samples and their wettability performance attributed towards building a vertical depth wettability/heterogeneity model. To capture, measure and model natural tight matrix static contact angle wettability in order to understand their new physics that will advance unconventional tight oil reservoir characterization. Entire vertical well depth reservoir core rock samples, in the form of rock fragments, are selected, then imaged, and then characterized for porosity, permeability, tortuosity/heterogeneity, and pore/grain-wettability contact angle in 2D format utilizing SEM-BSE imaging techniques. The generated big data images will be quantified using pre-defined logic for tortuosity/heterogeneity and wettability contact angle measurement. Each rock sample will process several images captured at X40 (mm), X400 (μm), and X4000 (nm) magnifications and will investigate wettability/heterogeneity relationships for unconventional tight pore system from the entire vertical depth. From measured data and computed logics, the major portions of captured rock investigated show water wet tendency. The wettability distribution in the vertical 250 feet shows strong to medium and even weak water-wet system variation (θ = 10° - θ = 90°). The dominant wettability is medium-water-wet (θ = 30° - θ = 60°), and it is found in the middle section of the vertical column. Medium-water-wet indicates a good candidate for secondary recovery water injection development programs. This study includes tortuosity/heterogeneity quantifications from imaging 2D technology which is valuable in understanding vertical/horizontal fluid movements. The authors feel that this study will narrow the gap in understanding contact angle wettability, heterogeneity characterizations from static conditions viewpoint and hence, the reservoir crude oil recovery vertical profile history from vertical rock samples.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering


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01 Jan 2023