Numerical Investigation of Modern Threats for Ground Vehicles with Emphasis on Fragmentation Behavior during Hard Kill Scenario


The Research Covered in This Paper is Related to Numerical Modeling of Realistic Threats. the Final Goal is to Simulate the Effects from the Impact of an RPG-7 Projectile on a GAZ-2975 Tigr Infantry Vehicle Protected by an ERA. the Fragmentation that Results from the Impact is Studied. Leading Up to the Final Model, Several Models Are Created, Starting with an Explosively Driven Cylinder to Study Fragmentation Modeling. the Next Step Was Modeling the Setup Defined by NATO STANAG 4526 Which Was Used to Characterize the Impact from an RPG-7. based Upon These Results, a Generic RPG-7 Model Was Developed Which Impacted an ERA, Modeled as Two Plates with a Layer of High Explosive (HE) between Them. All Models Ran Successfully to Normal Termination, and They Showed How Numerical Tools Can Be Used to Describe and Investigate These Very Complicated Events.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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active protection systems; explosive reactive armor; fragment trajectory; fragmentation; ground vehicles; Hard kill; jet forming; modern threats; rocket-propelled grenade; shape charge; smooth particle hydrodynamic; γSPH

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01 Jan 2023