A Comprehensive Review of Experimental Evaluation Methods and Results of Polymer Micro/nanogels for Enhanced Oil Recovery and Reduced Water Production


In recent years, polymer micro/nanogels which are re-crosslinked polymers with 3D networks, have attracted a lot of interest in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) field. In size of micro/nanometers, these gel particles are designed to be conformance control agents for in-depth fluid diversion, and various experimental research have been undertaken to investigate the possibilities of applying micro/nanogels in oilfield. However, it is still unclear that how to utilize micro/nanogels to their full potential in oilfield because the transport mechanisms and EOR mechanisms of micro/nanogels are not well studied currently. By reviewing experimental evaluations and corresponding results of micro/nanogels, including evaluation of particle physiochemical properties, transport, and potential EOR mechanisms, the review aims to discuss the evaluation of micro/nanogel particles, transport issue in many experimental designs and the debates of EOR mechanisms. Finally, we present the current challenges of micro/nanogels application and recommend the future research directions based on the review.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering


The authors would like to acknowledge the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of Qatar Foundation) for funding through Grant # NPRP13S-1231-190009.

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Conformance Control; Enhanced Oil Recovery; Evaluation Method; Micro/nanogel; Transport

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15 Sep 2022