Synthesis and Application of a Low Formation Damage Clay Stabilizer


To develop a low formation damage clay stabilizer, a kind of organic polyether amine clay stabilizer (OPACS) was synthesized. Compared with the commercial clay stabilizers, the application performance of the OPACS was investigated. OPACS was synthesized with 1, 2-propanediol, 2-(chloromethyl)oxirane and ammonia as main raw materials. The molecular structure of OPACS were characterized by FTIR and NMR, and its anti-swelling performance was tested by centrifugation. Other performance, including its temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, elution resistance and etc., were also researched. Different permeability cores were used to test the formation damage of OPACS, and its anti-swelling mechanism was studied by SEM. The FTIR and NMR spectra showed that the expected product structure was synthesized. When the clay stabilizer was adding with 2.0 wt.%, the anti-swelling rate of OPACS was over 90% which was better than the commercial clay stabilizers (about 80%) we bought. At the temperature range of 20 °C-120 °C and the pH range of 2-12, the anti-swelling rate of OPACS changed less than 2.5%. In the long-term efficacy test, the elution recovery rate of OPACS was higher than 92% within the concentration between 0.5 wt. %-3.0 wt.%. Natural cores with different permeability were selected for core flow experiments. The test results showed that the permeability recovery rate of cores were more than 95% treated with OPACS, which meant the formation damage value was less than 5%. From the SEM of clay treated with different clay stabilizers, we could find out the structure of clay treated with OPACS was more compact than those treated with other stabilizers we bought. These results have shown that OPACS can effectively inhibit the water absorption swelling of clay and recovery formation damage, which are helpful to the EOR and friendly to the environment.

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SPE Conference at Oman Petroleum and Energy Show, OPES 2022 (2022: Mar. 21-23, Muscat, Oman)


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering


National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant 51874334

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23 Mar 2022