The Phanerozoic Geology and Natural Resources of Egypt


The Phanerozoic Geology and Natural Resources of Egypt includes a series of chapters written by highly qualified group of researchers whose expertise is recognized and appreciated not only in Egypt, but also in the world over. The chapters span a wide range of geological subdisciplines including tectonics, paleogeography, stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology, groundwater, and energy resources, just to name a few. In this regard, the book provides the reader with ample knowledge about the different facets of the fascinating and always intriguing geology of Egypt since the Precambrian time. For a junior researcher or a geoscience student, the book is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary one-stop resource that they will continue to reference and rely on for years to come. For a more experienced scientist, the book summarizes the current state of knowledge, highlights the magnitude of complexity of the geology of Egypt and northeast Africa, and reveals potential areas where future research should be directed. The book is written in simple, easy to understand English language and contains very useful high-quality illustrations. Last but not least, The Phanerozoic Geology and Natural Resources of Egypt has been reviewed and edited by world class, highly ranked geoscientists from Egypt, Europe, and USA.

  • Enhances understanding on the paleodeposition and paleogeography of Egypt during the Phanerozoic Era
  • Discusses the economic values of the Phanerozoic sediments in Egypt
  • Sheds light on numerous studies on paleoclimatic and environmental changes and its impact


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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