Crustal P-Wave Velocity Structure and Earthquake Distribution in the Jiaodong Peninsula, China


The Jiaodong Peninsula of eastern China is densely populated and prone to frequent moderate-strong earthquakes that are mostly distributed along a group of northeastern oriented Mesozoic-Cenozoic faults. An improved understanding of the seismic velocity structure in the area is of great significance for the roles that the faults played in the formation and evolution of the various tectonic features and for the assessment of future earthquake risks. By utilizing earthquake records of the Shandong Provincial Seismic Network for the period from January 2013 to January 2020, this study simultaneously re-locates earthquakes and determines the three-dimensional P-wave velocity structure beneath the Jiaodong Peninsula using regional P-wave travel times by applying the double-difference tomography method. After the relocation, the travel time residuals are reduced by an order of magnitude, and the epicenters are more concentrated and demonstrate a closer spatial relationship with known active faults. The resulting P-wave velocity structure at different horizon depths indicates lateral heterogeneities in the study area. Clear differences in the characteristics of velocity anomalies are observed between the Jiaobei Uplift, Jiaolai Basin and Sulu ultra-high pressure metamorphic belt. The anomalies are mostly NE oriented, which is consistent with the strike of the regional faults and may suggest structural control of the faults to the geological configurations. Earthquakes generally occurred along the edges of high or low velocity regions, and areas accommodating the intersections of the Penglai-Weihai, Penglai-Qixia and Mouping-Jimo fault zones have the greatest potential for future damaging earthquakes in the area.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering


Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province, Grant 201904190008

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Double-Difference Tomography; Earthquake Relocation; Fault Zone Structure; Jiaodong Peninsula; Seismic Velocities

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Shandong, China

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05 Sep 2021


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