The oil and gas industry is moving towards more environmentally friendly practices. The environmental regulations regarding drilling waste management and disposal are motivating the industry to be more efficient with drilling operations. Environmentally friendly drilling fluid additives used in drilling operations reduces not only the negative implications on the environment but also reduces costs. This paper provides an experimental dataset of utilizing biodegradable waste materials as environmentally friendly drilling fluid additives. The data were collected through experimental evaluations of several waste materials including Potato Peels Powder (PPP), Mandarin Peels Powder (MPP), Fibrous Food Waste Material (FFWM), Palm Tree Leaves Powder (PTLP), Grass Powder (GP), and Green Olive Pits' Powder (GOPP). The data presented herein are the raw results of the experiments, which were conducted to examine the ability of the biodegradable waste materials to improve the water-based drilling fluids. The data include the effects of adding these waste materials on different drilling fluid properties such as mud weight, filtration, pH, and the rheology. The mud weight was measured using mud balance, the filtration data were collected using API filter press for both low/high pressure and temperature, the pH was measured using pH meter, and the rheology was characterized using viscometer. The dataset is potentially useful to assist researchers working on developing environmentally friendly drilling fluid additives.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Center for Research in Energy and Environment (CREE)

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Biodegradable; Drilling fluid; Eco-friendly; Food waste

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01 Feb 2020