Validation of Poststack Seismic Inversion using Rock Physics Analysis and 3D Seismic and Well Correlation


Inversion of poststack seismic data is validated with rock physics analysis from the well data. The acoustic impedance is computed throughout the well-seismic-tie and synthetic seismogram generation. Seismic attributes, including velocities and results of inversion, are generated to study the potential prospect in the Maui Field, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. Seismic interpretation generated structure and amplitude horizon slices as well as the recursive algorithmic attribute are applied to invert the seismic traces to provide quantitative predictions on the reservoir properties. Stratigraphic evaluation is obtained from the interpretation. After evaluating the petrophysical parameters from well logs, the poststack inversion of the seismic data is validated. The results are reliable for future use in an artificial neural network.

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88th Society of Exploration Geophysicists International Exposition and Annual Meeting, SEG 2018 (Oct. 14-19, Anaheim, CA)


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Center for Research in Energy and Environment (CREE)

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Center for High Performance Computing Research

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Acoustic impedance; Neural networks; Seismic response; Seismic waves; Stratigraphy; Well logging, Petrophysical parameters; Quantitative prediction; Reservoir property; Rock physics analysis; Seismic attributes; Seismic interpretation; Seismic inversion; Synthetic seismogram, Geophysical prospecting

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Oct 2019