Surface wave (Rayleigh wave) seismic data were acquired at six separate bridge sites in southeast Missouri. Each acquired surface wave data set was processed (spectral analysis of surface waves; SASW) and transformed into a site-specific vertical shear-wave velocity profile (SASW shear-wave velocity profile). The SASW shear-wave velocity profiles generated for each bridge site were compared to other geotechnical data including seismic cone penetrometer shear-wave velocity profiles, cross-borehole shear-wave velocity profiles, and borehole lithology logs. The geotechnical data presented herein indicate the SASW shear-wave velocity profiles correlate well with subsurface lithology logs and available cross-borehole shear-wave velocity control. More specifically, clays, silts and sands exhibit relatively characteristic SASW shear-wave velocities, which increase incrementally with increasing depth of burial. We believe these correlations demonstrate that SASW shear-wave velocities are reliable.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Missouri Department of Transportation

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surface waves; SASW; seismic; cone penetrometer; shear waves; cross borehole; southeast Missouri; shear modulus

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RDT-03-006; RI-01-006; RI-01-053

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Technical Report

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01 Apr 2003