WipFrag System II -- Online Fragmentation Analysis


The WipFrag fragmentation sizing system has been in widespread use for many years now. The original WipFrag system (System I) using images from video cameras, digital cameras, and conventional cameras, as well as from digital images, was designed primarily to use images from a roving camera. In this way a camera operator could survey a muck pile, take some pictures, and analyze them on his computer. Studies and industry experience has shown that sampling errors are the most significant problems with optical imaging systems. A better way to measure fragmentation is online, imaging over a conveyor belt. This has the advantage of discounting a significant amount of sampling bias, getting a much larger statistical sample, and allowing real time process control if necessary. WipFrag system II has been designed to meet all these requirements and features a variety of options to communicate with process control equipment. This paper describes the system and some of its applications.

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6th International Symposium for Rock Fragmentation by Blasting, FRAGBLAST 6 (1999: Aug. 8-12, Johannesburg, South Africa)


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Article - Conference proceedings

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12 Aug 1999

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