A Full Field Static Model of the RG-Oil Field, Central Sirte Basin, Libya


Cambrian-Ordovician and Upper Cretaceous reservoir formations are found in the central western Sirte Basin, the main oil producing region in the Sirte Basin, Libya. As a result of changes in sedimentary environments and structural activities, a number of irregularities in reservoir continuity have developed, which negatively affected the overall performance of the reservoir. Effective simulation of such complex reservoirs can be achieved by integrating geophysical, geological, and petrophysical data to construct a reliable full-field static model, which has the potential to simulate the vertical and lateral variations in the reservoir formations. In this study, 2D and 3D seismic data acquired in central western Sirte Basin are used to construct a fault and structural model which is an important component of the static model. Well data are incorporated with core data to construct a property model that integrates a range of reservoir properties including facies, porosity, permeability, and net-to-gross ratio. A fine-scale geo-cellular model is created by integrating the fault, structural, and property models for the entire field. The model consists of three main zones, which are subdivided into 23 lithologically and petrophysically distinct subzones and are further divided by adding layers to prepare for property distribution. This results in the development of a static model that contains 30.6 million cells. A total of ten facies are identified using well-log and core data and are distributed through the model using sequential index simulation method. Porosity, permeability, and net-to-gross ratio are estimated and distributed through the model using sequential Gaussian simulation method. The total original oil in place for the full field is estimated to be 2.548 x 109 STB.

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SEG International Exposition and 86th Annual Meeting (2016: Oct. 16-21, Dallas, TX)


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01 Oct 2016


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