A Systolic Algorithm to Process Compressed Binary Images

Fikret Erçal, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Mark Allen
Hao Feng

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A new systolic algorithm which computes image differences in run-length encoded (RLE) format is described. The binary image difference operation is commonly used in many image processing applications including automated inspection systems, character recognition, fingerprint analysis, and motion detection. The efficiency of these operations can be improved significantly with the availability of a fast systolic system that computes the image difference as described in this paper It is shown that for images with a high similarity measure, the time complexity of the systolic algorithm is small and in some cases constant with respect to the image size. The time for the systolic algorithm is proportional to the difference between the number of runs in the two images, while the time for the sequential algorithm is proportional to the total number of runs in the two images together A formal proof of correctness for the algorithm is also given.