Analysis of Damage in Laminated Automotive Glazing Subjected to Simulated Head Impact

Shuangmei Zhao
Li Chai
S. D. Barbat
Lokeswarappa R. Dharani, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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During vehicle accidents, occupant's head impacting on windshield or side window is commonly observed. Any attempt to design glazing that minimizes injury to and death of occupants during a vehicle accident requires a thorough understanding of the mechanical behavior of automotive glazing subjected to head impact loads. A continuum damage mechanics (CDM) based constitutive model is developed and implemented into an axisymmetric finite element model to study the failure and impact resistance of laminated automotive glazing subjected to simulated head impact. An anisotropic elastic damage tensor with a linear damage evolution law is chosen to model the failure of the laminated glass by cracking. The damage patterns and zone size are predicted. Various geometric parameters are investigated to determine their effects on the impact resistance of laminated glass.