Utilization of a Piezoelectric Polymer to Sense Harmonics of Electromagnetic Torque

Jason Neely
Steven D. Pekarek, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Daniel S. Stutts, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Philip Beccue

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In this paper, the use of a piezoelectric polymer material to measure the harmonics of electromagnetic torque produced by a permanent magnet synchronous machine is described. The advantages of the polymer include low cost, durability, and flexibility. In addition, wide-bandwidth sensors are relatively easy to design and couple to drive system hardware for harmonic evaluation or to use in feedback-based control. To illustrate the use of the polymer, the electrical and mechanical properties of three sensors are described. The results of time-domain simulation and hardware experiments are used to validate that the voltage obtained from the sensors is linearly related to the torque ripple produced by the machine.