PAS: Predicate-Based Authentication Services Against Powerful Passive Adversaries

Sriram Chellappan, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Xiaole Bai
Wenjun Gu
Xun Wang
Dong Xuan
Bin Ma

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Securely authenticating a human user without assistance from any auxiliary device in the presence of powerful passive adversaries is an important and challenging problem. Passive adversaries are those that can passively monitor, intercept, and analyze every part of the authentication procedure, except for an initial secret shared between the user and the server. In this paper, we propose a new secure authentication scheme called predicate-based authentication service (PAS). In this scheme, for the first time, the concept of a predicate is introduced for authentication. We conduct analysis on the proposed scheme and implement its prototype system. Our analytical data and experimental data illustrate that the PAS scheme can simultaneously achieve a desired level of security and user friendliness.