Anomalous Magnetic Ordering in PrBa₂Cu₄O₈ and CmBa₂Cu₃O₇

H. A. Blackstead
M. P. Smylie
William B. Yelon, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Qingsheng Cai
Mehmet Kahveci

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A review of temperature-dependent magnetization data for nonsuperconducting PrBa2Cu4O8 and CmBa2Cu3O7 suggests that the failure of each to superconduct is related to the presence of Pr and Cm on their respective Ba sites. This defect is manifested, in each case, by short c-axis lattice parameters and anomalous high-temperature magnetic ordering which has been incorrectly attributed to ordering of the entire magnetic sublattice. Instead, it is shown that the anomalous high-temperature ordering as seen in the magnetization data is consistent with the ordering of magnetic ions substituted on the Ba site.