Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emission Comparison of Steel Products with Other Materials

Christopher P. Buterbaugh
Meghan C. McGrath
Justin K. Novotny
Zane T. Voss
Joseph M. Brunner
Kent D. Peaslee, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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This paper outlines the background of Life-Cycle Inventory/ Life-Cycle Assessment (LCI/LCA) and reviews an undergraduate design project in progress at the University of Missouri - Rolla (UMR) comparing LCI/LCA of steel products with similar products produced from competing materials. GaBi 4 LCI/LCA software is being used to model LCI/LCA with a demonstration of the use of the software for a typical steelmaking operation.1 Future research utilizing the LCI/LCA methodology is being applied to compare the environmental impact of steel products to other alternative engineering materials. This work involves 13 undergraduate students working in four design teams under a FeMET design grant provided by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) and the Association of Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) Foundation.