High-Performance Inter-PCB Connectors: Analysis of EMI Characteristics

Xiaoning Ye
James L. Drewniak, Missouri University of Science and Technology
J. Nadolny
David M. Hockanson

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Electromagnetic interference (EMI) coupling associated with inter-board connection is investigated. Two experimental techniques, based on |S 21 | measurements, including both common-mode current and near-field measurements, are reported. Both methods, as well as finite difference time domain (FDTD) modeling, were used as experimental and numerical tools for inter-printed-circuit-board (inter-PCB) connector evaluation. The EMI performance of a lab-constructed stacked-card connector, and a commercially available module-on-backplane connector were studied. EMI characteristics of the connectors are demonstrated by investigating a few aspects of the design: type of shield/ground blade for signal return, number and length of ground pins, signal pin designation, etc. Good agreement is achieved between the measurements and the FDTD modeled results.