Mesoporous Matrices for Quantum Computation with Improved Response Through Redundance

T. E. Hodgson
Nicholas Leventis, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Irena D'Amico
Massimo F. Bertino, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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We present a solid state implementation of quantum computation, which improves previously proposed optically driven schemes. Our proposal is based on vertical arrays of quantum dots embedded in a mesoporous material which can be fabricated with present technology. The redundant encoding typical of the chosen hardware protects the computation against gate errors and the effects of measurement induced noise. The system parameters required for quantum computation applications are calculated for II-VI and III-V materials and found to be within the experimental range. The proposed hardware may help minimize errors due to polydispersity of dot sizes, which is at present one of the main problems in relation to quantum dot-based quantum computation.