Design and Implementation of FPGA Configuration Logic Block Using Asynchronous Static NCL

Waleed K. Al-Assadi, Missouri University of Science and Technology
T. Tammina
S. Smith
Indira P. Dugganapally

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This paper proposes the design of a FPGA configurable logic block (CLB) using asynchronous static NULL convention logic (NCL) Library. The proposed design uses three static LUT's for implementing NCL logic functions. Each LUT can be configured to function as any one of the 27 fundamental NCL Static gates. The proposed CLB supports 10 inputs and three different outputs, each with resettable and inverting variations. The CLB has two modes: Configuration mode and operation mode. The static NCL FPGA CLB is simulated at the transistor level using the 1.8 V, 180 nm TSMC CMOS process.