Using TWDP to Quantify Channel Performance with Frequency-Domain S-Parameter Data

Surbhi Mittal
Zhiping Yang
Jun Fan, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Francesco de Paulis

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This paper presents an approach to quantify channel performance using TWDP (Transmitter Waveform and Dispersion Penalty) with frequency-domain S-parameter data. TWDP is initially defined to characterize the performance of a transmitter in optical links. The same concept has been extended to quantify channel performance as well, especially in high-speed copper links. This paper focuses on channel characterization. Instead of using time-domain oscilloscope measurements as defined in the original approach, a new method is proposed by using the frequency-domain S-parameter data, obtained either from measurements or simulations. A parametric study on TWDP with respect to bit rate, number of samples per bit, rise/fall time, etc., is also presented with discussions.