Aircraft Cabin Noise Minimization Via Neural Network Inverse Model

Xiao Hu
G. Clark
M. Travis
J. L. Vian
Donald C. Wunsch, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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This paper describes research to investigate an artificial neural network (ANN) approach to minimize aircraft cabin noise in flight. The ANN approach is shown to be able to accurately model the non-linear relationships between engine unbalance, airframe vibration, and cabin noise to overcome limitations associated with traditional linear influence coefficient methods. ANN system inverse models are developed using engine test-stand vibration data and on-airplane vibration and noise data supplemented with influence coefficient empirical data. The inverse models are able to determine balance solutions that satisfy cabin noise specifications. The accuracy of the ANN model with respect to the real system is determined by the quantity and quality of test stand and operational aircraft data. This data-driven approach is particularly appealing for implementation on future systems that include continuous monitoring processes able to capture data while in operation.