Temperature Dependence of Homogeneous Nucleation Rates for Water: Near Equivalence of the Empirical Fit of Wölk and Strey, and the Scaled Nucleation Model

Barbara N. Hale, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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It is pointed out that the temperature fitting function of Wölk and Strey [J. Phys. Chem. 105, 11683 (2001)], recently shown to convert the Becker-Döring [Ann. Phys. (Leipzig) 24, 719 (1935)] nucleation rate into an expression in agreement with much of the experimental water nucleation rate data, also converts the Becker-Döring rate into a form nearly equivalent with the scaled nucleation rate model, Jscaled=Joc exp[-16piOmega^3(Tc/T-1)3/3(ln S)2]. In the latter expression Joc is the inverse thermal wavelength cubed/sec, evaluated at Tc.