An Executable System Architecture Approach to Discrete Events System Modeling Using SysML in Conjunction with Colored Petri Net

Renzhong Wang
Cihan H. Dagli, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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This paper proposes an executable system architecting paradigm for discrete event system modeling and analysis through integration of a set of architecting tools, executable modeling tools, analytical tools, and visualization tools. The essential step is translating SysML-based specifications into colored Petri nets (CPNs) which enables rigorous static and dynamic system analysis as well as formal verification of the behavior and functionality of the SysML-based design. A set of tools have been studied and integrated that enable a structured architecture design process. Some basic principles of executable system architecture for discrete event system modeling that guide the process of executable architecture specification and analysis are discussed. This paradigm is aimed at general system design. Its feasibility was demonstrated with a C4- type network centric system as an example. The simulation results was used to check the overall integrity and internal consistency of the architecture models, refine the architecture design, and, finally, verify the behavior and functionality of the system being modeled.