Adjusting the Low Energy Threshold for Large Bodies in PET

John W. Wilson, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Timothy G. Turkington
James G. Colsher

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The performance of a PET scanner on three different phantom sizes was studied as a function of low energy threshold (LET). Phantom cross sections ranged from 20 cm diameter circular to 28 cm x 43 cm oval and LET''s ranged from 350 keV to 475 keV, in 25 keV increments. System sensitivity, scatter fraction, and NEC were measured over a wide range of radioactivity levels. Increasing the low energy threshold lowered both sensitivity and scatter fraction. The statistical quality of the raw data was maximized for the 425 keV setting for all three phantoms. System stability and uniformity of response was also studied for 375 keV to 450 keV thresholds, and indicated acceptable performance for this system through 425 keV.