An Intelligent Dissolved Oxygen Microsensor System with Electrochemically Actuated Fluidics

Chang-Soo Kim, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Jongwon Park
Xinbo He

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A new dissolved oxygen monitoring microsystem is proposed to achieve in situ intelligent self-calibration by using an electrochemically actuated fluidic system. The electrochemical actuation, based on water electrolysis, plays two critical roles in the proposed microsystem. First, the electrochemically generated gases serve as the calibrants for the in situ 2-point calibration/diagnosis procedure of the microsensor in a chip. Secondly, the electrochemical generation and collapse of gas bubbles provide the driving force of the bidirectional fluidic manipulation for sampling and dispensing of the sample solution. A microsystem including a dissolved oxygen microprobe, electrochemical actuators, and a fluidic structure are prepared by microfabrication technology and its performance is characterized.