Redundancy Optimization for Clock-Free Nanowire Crossbar Architecture

Yadunandana Yellambalase
Ravi Bonam
Minsu Choi, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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In this paper a method is being proposed to find the optimal dimension of Programmable Gate Macro Block (PGMB) in clock-free nanowire crossbar architecture. A PGMB is a nanowire crossbar matrix with discrete number of rows and columns on which the NCL (Null Convention Logic) gates can be programmed. This method uses inherent redundancy to route through defective crosspoints. A 6 X 10 defect-free crossbar can be used to program any of the 27 threshold gates. Due to imperfections and variations in nanoscale manufacturing process, high defect densities are anticipated. Thus, such defects should be located when tested and the logic has to be rerouted around them to maintain proper functionality. This paper discusses this problem and tried to find an optimal solution through simulations. In the final submission, more effective logic mapping techniques will be proposed and validated.