Estimating Maximum Radiated Emissions from Printed Circuit Boards with an Attached Cable

Shaowei Deng
Todd H. Hubing, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Daryl G. Beetner, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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The common-mode current induced on cables attached to printed circuit boards can be a significant source of radiated emissions. Previous studies have shown that coupling from electric and magnetic field sources on circuit boards can be effectively modeled by placing equivalent voltage sources between the board and the cable. The amplitude of these equivalent sources can be estimated by using closed-form equations; however, estimates of the radiated emissions from these board-cable geometries have required full-wave simulations, and full-wave simulation results depend on the exact cable length and placement, which are not normally fixed during radiated emissions testing. This paper develops a closed-form equation to estimate the maximum radiated fields from a voltage source driving a board relative to an attached cable over a ground plane. This equation is evaluated for various cable and board geometries by comparing the calculated results to full-wave simulations. The maximum radiation calculated by using the closed-form expression generally predicts the peak full-wave simulation results within a few decibels for various board sizes and cable lengths.