Memory DIMM DC Power Distribution Analysis and Design

Jingkun Mao
Chen Wang
Giuseppe Selli
James L. Drewniak, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Bruce Archambeault, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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DC power bus design is critical in meeting signal integrity (SI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements. A suitable modeling tool is beneficial to evaluate power bus design and develop design guidelines. This paper discusses difficulties met in evaluating the power distribution design on a dual inline memory module (DIMM) board, such as a power bus with arbitrary shape, parasitic inductance associated with vias, and so on. Moreover, some solutions are given in this paper. A simple cavity model with a segmentation method was employed to model a power bus with irregular shapes. The partial element equivalent circuit (PEEC) technique was applied to model the electrical properties of a high-speed via interconnect. For each proposed approach, the difference between the estimates and measurements demonstrates the application of these approaches in the DIMM DC power distribution analysis and design.